Luxury Car Rental Deals In Nottingham

We are proud to be named The Best Luxury Car Rental company In Nottingham saving our customers up to 70% OFF Luxury Car Rental. We provide a mixture of new thriving Luxury Car Rentals for Hire in Nottingham. Check our our full range of cars here.

We provide amazing deals on Luxury Sport car hire rentals in and around Nottingham and the East Midlands. Our Luxury Car Hire partners have agreed to provide Lux&Lav with some very exciting and exclusive deals. If you are not already signed up with Lux&Lav you can do so here.

We are now accepting Bookings through our website via the bookings form.  Remember to keep an eye on our daily exclusive deals feed as the most recent deals will be published frequently at this link shown Featured page.

“So what sort of crazy luxury deals will be on offer I hear you asking”.


We aim to offer you up to 70% off on Luxury Sport cars hire with most of our Luxury Car Rental prices capped at 30% below market averages. The prices have been calculated on a average based on prices obtained from other Luxury hire companies in and around the UK.

The cars that Lux&Lav have to offer at discounted rates range from 4×4’s like the Range Rover Evoque, BMW X6, Mercedes GLE AMG or convertibles such as the BMW M4, BMW M6, E class convertible, S class 63 model.

If your looking for a more “RAW” performance, we can also offer a range of heart stopping, adrenalin pumping super cars such as the Maserati Ghibli, BMW M5, Bentley Continental GT, Porshe Cayman. Our range also includes a number of Audi TT’S.

Audi TT Hire Nottingham

Hire Audi TT Nottingham


Luxury car hire 


No matter what the occasion whether it be a wedding, prom, business trip, or just a weekend break, contact us at and I’m sure that we will have something to suit your needs.

Our services are not restricted to just Nottingham though. We can arrange to have the car dropped at a place convenient to you. This Luxury car drop off service can be arranged (based on appropriate checks).

Luxnlav Luxury Prestige Sport car hire provides rental vehicles for people in the following cites but does not exclude smaller towns of cities in the vicinity derby,Leicester, Lincoln , Wolverhampton, Coventry, Birmingham, Dudley, UK, London, Lanchester, Leeds, Manchester, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Liverpool ,St Albans, Oxford, Winchester, Chichester,Cambridge,Brighton, Stoke on trent. If your city is not listed here please contact us by filling out a personal shopper request or Contact form

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