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Mercedes GLE Car Hire Nottingham (Weekend Deal)

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Mercedes GLE Car Hire Nottingham

The Mercedes GLE Car Hire deal here on Lux&Lav is a must try. It is the perfect SUV for all occasions. It is a prestigious SUV which replaces the ageing ML-Class car, and with its more swooping lines and curves, the large SUV has been brought more into touch with the rest of the modern Mercedes line-up. There's now more technology and style on offer than previously. Whilst it remains smooth to drive, comfortable to sit in and very stylish in its looks.  The Mercedes GLE Car Hire is a really perfect choice when in need of some subtle Luxury.

The Mercedes GLE has a 2.1-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel which puts out 201bhp, but more significantly 500Nm of torque at just 1,600rpm. This means the performance it serves up is brilliant, with the 0-62mph sprint taking 8.6 seconds.

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